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08 Oct
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Help Baby Daud
Category: Medical Care, Refugees, Wheelchair F...
Baby Daud Bin Ahmed was born on 30th September 2020 in Kuala Lumpur with a congenital clubfoot. The initial casting procedures to correct his condition will cost approximately RM60...
20 Aug
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Yemen Winter & Medical Aid 2019/2020
Category: Medical Care, Refugees, Wheelchair F...
Without proper clothing for the winter, those left outside are likely to freeze to death. Sadly there have been cases where mothers holding their children wake up to painful realit...
02 Aug
zulhijjah in yemen
Zulhijjah in Yemen
Category: Food Aid, Qurban, Yemen
Jazakumullahu khayra to all kindhearted donors who have reached out and shared Qurbani meat and food aid to nourish fakir miskeen and orphans in Sana’a, Rima, Hodeida and Hajah in ...
24 Jul
yemen orphan sponsorship
Shelter & Feed Homeless Orphans in Yemen
Category: Orphans, Yemen
Currently, there are 28 families that we support monthly with a total of 76 orphans cared for. So many are still on the wait list. One-off contributions are most welcome too and wi...
23 Jul
klinic registration desk
Help Heal Sick Refugees
Category: Klinik Amal Muhajir, Medical Care, R...
Located in the heart of the refugee community in Serdang, Selangor, Klinik Amal Muhajir seeks to provide medical aid, to improve the health literacy and status of refugees and asyl...
12 Jul
Ahmed's Surgery Thank you
Ahmed’s Surgery Thank You
Category: Medical Care, Yemen
Alhamdulilah! Ahmed’s surgery was successful! In this video, the lady was thanking and making doa for the donors. May Allah reward you Bless you and your families.
10 Jul
Ahmed's Surgery
UPDATE: Critical Surgery for Ahmed Al- Dhale’i Hussein
Category: Medical Care, Yemen
The surgery to repair horrific internal and external wounds suffered by Ahmad at his groin and testis area was successful.
06 Jul
Yemen Food Aid 2020 featured
UPDATE: Yemen Ramadan Food Aid 2020
Category: Food Aid, Yemen
Alhamdulillah almost 700 families received much-needed food aid for their Sahoor and Iftar this Ramadan.
09 Nov
Yemen Winter Aid & Medicare
Category: Yemen
In war-torn Yemen, the temperature in some areas can drop to below 0 degrees in December and January.
21 Aug
UPDATE: Yemen Qurban 2019
Category: Food Aid, Qurban, Yemen
Alhamdulilah! 1157 families received Qurban meat this year. Although we didn’t meet the target of 2000 families but increased from a total of 900+ families last year.