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Hazlina Tajudin
Director, EQA Malaysia

Hazlina oversees the overall management of the 4 divisions under the umbrella of EQA.
She possesses a Diploma in HR, an Advance Diploma In Islamic Studies, and is a Certified TESOL Instructor.

Aside from a professional career as an English Training Consultant, Hazlina’s work experience includes Research, Consultancy, and Project Management. Hazlina has worked in international relief and development for the past 5 years, within an NGO organization as well as partnering with other established non-profit organizations to rescue, restore and empower victims of war, particularly in Yemen. She is an active fundraiser for both local and international humanitarian campaigns. A loving wife, Hazlina also mothers 22 pet cats in her home.
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Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maamari
Advisor, Hope Spring Division

Dr. Abdul Rahman is a respected academician from Yemen. He is highly qualified in world literature studies and possesses a BA in English, MA in World Literature and a Ph.D. in Postcolonial Literature in English.

His professional experience includes administrative works as Vice President - Chief of Staff at the University of Science & Technology UST Yemen, and as Open Education Director at the University of Science and Technology Malaysia Office. He actively represents the Yemeni community and causes in Malaysia at official events and also serves as Advisor for EQA Hope Spring Yemen division. Dr. Abdul Rahman has resided in Malaysia for more than 10 years and is also an active sportsman.