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Hope Spring Foundation

Community and Global Relief Projects. 2016-2019;

Driven by purpose, driven by hope.

We create opportunities for people worldwide to engage in an experience of shared humanity and meaningful purpose.

Hope Spring’s mission is to provide:


Hope Spring Foundation was formed by EQA to facilitate the development of infrastructure projects in war-torn Yemen. This division has its own skilled workers based in Yemen and is able to facilitate humanitarian projects for NGOs and other groups.

It focuses on helping deliver humanitarian aid to victims of war in Yemen. The name Hope Spring was chosen by EQA’s Yemeni team to reflect the people of Yemen’s hope in rebuilding their country.

Collaborating with NGOs, EQA facilitates this objective by managing events and coordinating deployment of skilled workers to build water wells, installation of solar panels etc and procurement of relevant relief supplies and material either within Yemen or her neighbouring countries.

EQA via its Hope Spring Foundation teams in Yemen is able to access, acquire, manage and update a large database of aid recipients in several governates in Yemen.

A division within EQA, Hope Spring Foundation collaborates with NGOs and private entities to help re-build war torn Yemen and provide the needy and orphaned children with the loving care they need to not merely survive, but flourish. By liberating children from situations of homelessness and poverty, we aim to instil in them an enduring hope that fuels long-term, positive impact within their communities.

Hope Spring Foundation is now an established brand-name in Yemen and  is able to facilitate this objective through its extensive and updated database of needy families requiring aid and skilled workers and volunteers for project deployment.

Registration No. PPM-012-10-24012020